Northern Marquesas Tour

Here are some examples of trips we can adapt according to the weather, the duration of your holidays and your desires to offer you a private cruise that fits the bill.

Nuku Hiva

We meet you in Taiohae, the capital city of the island. Nuku Hiva offers many anchorages.

We suggest you to delight the unmissable and quiet mooring in the wild of Daniel’s bay that can be reached only by the sea (1h30 of navigation from Taiohae). From here you can go on land to visit a small paradise, Hakaui village, and hike to the Vaipo waterfall (or Ahuii waterfall), 350 meters, the third highest in the world. Bring good shoes with you. During this good hike of 4 hours round trip, we will show you many traces of the ancient civilization in the valley. Pique-nique and swimming under the waterfall.

Also on the southern coast, the ‘Baie du Contrôleur’ protects the moorings of Taipivai (Herman Melville stayed here) and Hooumi, a little village the time forgot. Suggestion for a hike: from Hooumi, you will cross the island by the top with Christian, local hiking guide, to reach Anaho, in the North. 6 to 8 hours hiking with spectacular views from the plateau. The boat follows and gets you in Anaho bay, a fantastic place only reachable by boat or hiking.

Anaho bay: the perfect environment for relaxing days and snorkeling diving on the only coral reef of the Marquesas. A path leads to the next bay, Haatuatua, on the eastern side, offering a nice walk between earth and sea. To the west, a hiking trail leads to Hatiheu village crossing the pass (1h30). The village is overlooked by rocky peaks. The writer Robert Louis Stevenson chose this place like his favotrite resort. 1 km far from the beach, there are two well preserved archeological sites.

The western part of Nuku Hiva island, called "Terre déserte" (wild country), offers wild bays with canyons down to the sea. We have seen huge fish while diving in this area.

Ua Pou and its peaks

There are many pitons of up to 1200 meters in the center of Ua Pou island. The reliefs get amazing colours in the sunset. You can see on the island an unusual geological phenomenon: the ‘flowered stones’ so sought after by the local sculptors. You can admire their carving in the craft center of Hakahau, the mean village.

From here, you will find some unmissable hikes around the peaks and reach Hakahetau valley crossing the mountain passes and eventually, you go to the feet of Poumaka peak, legendary warrior of Ua Pou. Kaveka crew can join you by sea.

In Hakahetau, you can go to savor local chocolate if you find the courage to walk up to the valley background. Don't worry, there is a waterfall where you can refresh on the way!

If you prefer snorkeling, the west coast offers good spots for diving and some wonderful moorings in the wild as the spectacular bay of Hakaotu. A rock with a shape of tiki seems to keep the entrance. Boobies and frigatebirds nest in the trees that grow on the rock walls of the bay. The boat is the perfect observatory for the bird watchers! From here, you can hike to Haakuti village crossing Vaiehu bay.

Ua Huka, the island of horses

The arid landscapes make it different from the other islands. Native people in Ua Huka are horse trainers from father to son. We also find the best sculptors on wood of the archipelago. All the practicable and accessible bays are located on the southern coast. By the way, the mooring and the landing, always sport (often by swimming) depend on the swell and the wind.

Hane bay has a curious maritime Museum in memory of the whalers that ended in the Marquesas during the XIXth century. From here, you can walk to the little village of Hokatu (3 km). The road between Hane and Vaipaee passes in front of an archeological Museum and an arboretum.

If you are lucky to be in Ua Huka at the end of June, you can attend woodcarving, weaving and dance competitions. We saw there the most authentic haka. You will even taste a local speciality: the kaveka eggs (the tern in Marquesian) that local people use to pick on a small island.

If you like ramble, the island offers so wonderful hiking.