Cruising the Southern Marquesas

Here are some examples of trips we can adapt according to the weather, the duration of your holidays and your desires to offer you a private cruise that fits the bill.

Hiva Oa, Tahuata

1st day: pickup tour around Hiva Oa. When you arrive at the airport, we will meet you with the car and take you to various sights: discover the archaeological site of Puamau where there are the biggest tikis of French Polynesia, picnic on the pebble beach of Motuua or Nahoe, stops at exceptional viewpoints, swim at the beach in the little village of Hanaiapa, short walk in the forest to the ‘smiling tiki’.

2nd day: outing to the tohua of Taaoa, discovery of the old cemetery at the back of Atuona valley, visit the Museum of Jacques Brel and Paul Gauguin if you are interested, then visit the two artists’graves who rest in the shade of frangipani trees on a hill overlooking the town. We weigh the anchor in the middle of the day so as to arrive in the afternoon in a wild bay on Tahuata island.

3rd day: delight in the clear water, the rich marine fauna and the white sand beach lined with coconut trees. A choice of snorkelingspearfishingkayaking or lazing… If you look for, you will see the stingrays that live in the bay.

4th day: we up anchor to Vaitahu (half an hour of navigation). We drop you at the village where the first Europeans landed. Sights: the church and the small archaeological Museum. We bring the boat to Hanatefau bay, in front of Hapatoni village where we meet you. Thereby you can hike by the track between the two villages (2 hours walking).

5th day: discovery of Hapatoni village where an ancient stone road follows the shore, sheltered by hundred-year-old trees. The craftsmen here are well known for their carvings on wood and bone. You can use the track to the southern side to go up to the pass and admire the views of the inside of the island. If your center of interests is the diving, the seabed is very beautiful and fish.

6th day: we go back to Hiva Oa sailing around Tahuata island.

7th day: there are still some surprises before the taxi takes you back (chargeable) to the airport.


Fatuiva island (also written Fatu Hiva) is still well preserved because people can only reach it by boat, like in Tahuata.

The sailboat Kaveka offers you an idyllic mooring in the magnificent  Bay of Virgins, "the most beautiful bay in the world" according to numerous sailors. Gigantic columns of rock borde the entrance of the anchorage. The cliff faces of the volcano that surround the bay are more than 600 meters high. That is a unique panorama with majestic rocks and vegetation. From here you can visit Hanavave village built around the river. Don't miss the hiking to the waterfall where a marvelous bath is waiting for you. Possibilities for dinner at a local family’s house.

You can join Omoa village by the track (4 hours hiking) with spectacular views from the plateau between the two valleys. The people who live in this place are famous for their tapa (artisanal work on bark fibre).