Activities and things to do in Nuku Hiva

Water activities

Aboard a sailing boat, water activities are not lacking!

You can go around Taiohae bay with the kayak.

With your scuba kit, go snorkeling and spearfishing with the dinghy.

If you prefer, a diving club in Taiohae offers excursions to see manta rays, hammer-head sharks and melon-headed wales.

If your interest is in fishing, ask to local crews if you can go with them aboard their poti marara (local boat) for a fishing trip: trolling and big game fishing for tuna, wahoo, dorado, swordfish, marlin…


Why not take a little trip with us aboard Kaveka to a secluded place, Daniel’s bay, which is only accessible by boat (a 1 hour sail). From there, you can visit the idyllic village of Hakaui and hike to the waterfall of Vaipo (at 350m, the third highest in the world). A round trip of 4 hours on the old processional way with many traces of the ancient civilization. You can even have a trip to hunt wild pigs and goats with the local people!

Rent a car

We recommend renting 4x4 for excursion around Nuku Hiva island by the track (car rental by the day).

Unmissable adventures include a hike to Anaho bay, one of the most beautiful bays in all Polynesia, and swim in the crystalline and turquoise waters of one of the rare coral reefs in the Marquesas.


Several guides offer trekking and hiking in Nuku Hiva, everywhere in the island, by the day or camping trips, for all levels.

You could go by yourself for a short walk to the Sentinel rock which guards the entrance to Taiohae bay which is very picturesque.

Horse-back riding

Some ranches propose riding trips for all levels from beginners to experts to explore back-country trails.


Take the time to visit the numerous restored archeological sites with many tikis and petroglyphs (Koueva in Taiohae, Paeke in Taipivai, the tohua in Hatiheu…).

You could admire Marquesan crafts: wood, bone and stone carving, tattoo, tapa cloth, bracelets and necklaces of seeds, woven palm and fiber work, pani or monoï (oil manufacture)…

With a bit of luck, you will experience the authentic Marquesan culture with haka (dances) and chanting performances of drum and ukulele music.

Marquesan food

Many small inexpensive eating establishments exist where you can try many local dishes: selected parts of fresh tuna with coconut milk, wild pig cooked in the Polynesian oven, goat meat with coconut milk, grilled dorado, bread fruit…

Some restaurants and hotels have other menus to suit all budgets.

While you are on your walks, you can pick fresh mangos, papayas, bananas, guavas, soursop…