Terms and prices

Our prices are established according to the number of people, the itinerary and the duration of the stay.

For a quote corresponding to your request, please contact us by email here.

You are looking for teammates to split the costs: leave us your e-mail address and your availabilities.

The base price is as follows.

Cruise price

75 000 XPF / night (approx. 629 euros)

The price includes the boat rental with the owner crew, the navigations, the fuel and plane-boat transfers in Hiva Oa.

We sail at a suitable pace for the boat, always with the elements, never against it.

Additional coasts:

Nights on board: 3 000 XPF / person / night (approx. 25 euros) - includes the costs of bedding, cleaning, electricity, service water, wc...

Half pension: 3 500 XPF / person / night (approx. 29 euros) - for a breakfast and one meal (very hearty)


15% increase during school holidays and days off.

Not included:

  • plane-boat transfers or other on another island than Hiva Oa - you reach the planned boarding place by your own means
  • additional meals on request: 3 000 XPF / person (approx. 25 euros)
  • vegetarian and vegan menus on request (notify me when booking): 5 000 XPF / person / meal (approx. 42 euros)
  • meal taken ashore
  • bottles of mineral water
  • alcohols and other drinks - may be available on board on request: beer, rum, wine, sodas and juices (notify me before boarding for refueling)
  • fins and masks - we recommend bringing your own, size matters
  • fishing equipment - I encourage you to bring your lines and lures if you want to fish in the fish-rich waters of Polynesia!
  • spearfishing equipment - idem
  • beach towels
  • towels
  • to much fresh water - Kaveka is not equipped with a watermaker - the water in the reservoirs is used for cooking - there are showers or taps on the quay in the villages (sometimes with spring water!). Elsewhere it will be bathing in sea water and rinsing in fresh water
  • shore excursions with other providers
  • vehicles rental
  • access to paid sites - museums, some restored archaeological sites, hikes on some private land
  • port fees and marinas or paying anchorages - guests wishing to stay there will bear the costs (in principle, it is useless because Kaveka is always at anchor)
  • possible tourist taxes

Accommodation at anchor in Hiva Oa price

In addition to a cruise, the price is 10 000 XPF / person / night (approx. 82 euros). Accommodation at anchor in Tahauku Bay (Atuona, Hiva Oa). Breakfast included. Meals in addition on request.

Booking and cancellation conditions

50% of the price of the stay is paid upon booking, the balance one month before arrival.

Supplements and options are to be paid on site in cash (currencies accepted: XPF, EUR, USD).

Cancellation before two months: 2 nights billed

Cancellation less than two months before the stay or for no show: 100% invoiced (except in cases of force majeure: you are dead or shanghaied)

Seasickness does not qualify for a refund.

The program may be modified according to the weather.

If we had to cancel the stay, we will reimburse you 100%.


Your luggage will be a small soft bag. Above all, no rigid suitcase!

There are no ATMs or banks almost everywhere we go. Withdrawals at Atuona are limited and the bank no longer changes to non-customers. So: bring cash for various expenses.