Discovery cruise of the Fenua Enata

From 21 071 F/person/night

(177 euros)

Discovery cruise Marquesas islands

Duration: 14 nights/15 days

Departure from Hiva Oa. End of stay in Nuku Hiva.

Itinerary: Hiva Oa - Tahuata - Ua Pou - Nuku Hiva

The strong points: a cruise and a personalized itinerary, meetings and sharing with the locals, discovery of our secret spots.


To be defined according to your wishes and Neptune's moods.

Price of the stay

You are alone : 970 000 XPF (approx. 8 129 euros)

You are 2 : 1 040 000 XPF (approx. 8 715 euros)

You are 3 : 1 110 000 XPF (approx. 9 302 euros)

You are 4 : 1 180 000 XPF (approx. 9 889 euros)

The price includes the private boat rental with the owner crew, breakfast and one meal (very hearty), the return navigation to Hiva Oa.

  • Claude et Martine Dumas mallet On 09/05/2023

    Une aventure humaine. La rencontre avec Céline et Mu fut l'un des meilleurs moments que nous avons passé ...

  • PA et Marie On 31/10/2022

    Très bon séjour en compagnie de Céline et Mou, Une vraie immersion au coeur de leur mode de vie fait ...

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