Marquesas islands


The only money currently in French Polynesia is French Pacific Franc (XPF). It is tied to the Euro. 1 € ≈ 120 XPF.

It is essential to draw money when you arrive. It is often the only method of payment in the islands. There is a cash machine (ATM) in Hiva Oa, in Ua Pou and in Nuku Hiva. No in Tahuata, Fatu Hiva and Ua Huka.


Small idea of the cost of life in Marquesas islands:

A small restaurant: 3 000 F / person ; 6 000 F in a grat restaurant

Bottle of mineral water 1.5 L: 120 F

Bottle of soda 1.5 L: 600 F

Cheap wine brick 1 L: 2 000 F

Bottle of rhum 1L: 3 000 F the local rhum ; 7 000 F the carribean rhum

Cheap cookies package: 350 F

Chocolate bar: 600 F

Rent a pickup for 24 hours: from 10 000 to 15 000 F

Taxi from Hiva Oa airport to the harbour: 1 500 F

Taxi from Taiohae to Nuku Hiva airport: 3 000 F

Wifi internet connexion: 600 F / hour


We find in Atuona (Hiva Oa), Hakahau (Ua Pou) and Taiohae (Nuku Hiva): a dispensary with a doctor, a post office and an Air Tahiti agency. A pharmacy in Atuona and in Taiohae.

Water is always at ideal temperature (between 25 and 29°C), as well as the air (25-27°C all the year).

We advise you to bring with you: cap or hat, sunglasses, effective remedy against seasickness, mosquito repellent for the walks on land, kit fins-mask-snorkel, walking shoes, a headlamp.