An idea of distances

French Polynesia is as big as Europe! And crossing the Marquesas is like joining Paris-Marseille!

Here is a map of French Polynesia superimposed on a map of Europe to better appreciate the distances:

How long for a cruise?


3 weeks for a tour of the 6 inhabited Marquesas islands

15 days from South to North: Hiva Oa - Tahuata - Ua Pou - Nuku Hiva

10 days: Northern Marquesas (Nuku Hiva - Ua Pou - Ua Huka*) OR Southern Marquesas (Hiva Oa - Tahuata - Fatuiva*)

1 week: Hiva Oa - Tahuata OR Nuku Hiva - Ua Pou

Less than 4 days: Hiva Oa - Tahuata


*according to the weather


From 30 days: possibility for a cruise in the other archipelagos depending on the season.


Cost of life

The currently money in French Polynesia is French Pacific Franc (XPF). It is tied to the Euro. 1 € ≈ 120 XPF.

It is essential to draw money when you arrive. It is often the only method of payment in the islands.


Small idea of the cost of life in Marquesas islands:

A small restaurant: 3 000 F / person ; 6 000 F in a grat restaurant

Bottle of mineral water 1.5 L: 120 F

Bottle of soda 1.5 L: 550 F

Cheap wine brick 1 L: 2 000 F

Bottle of rhum 1L: 3 000 F the local rhum ; 7 000 F the carribean rhum

Cheap cookies package: 450 F

Chocolate bar: 600 F

Rent a pickup for 24 hours: from 12 000 to 15 000 F

Taxi from Hiva Oa airport to the harbour: 1 500 F

Taxi from Taiohae to Nuku Hiva airport: 4 500 F

Wifi internet connexion: 500 F / hour


What to bring?

A soft bag rather than a hard suitcase.

For sun and navigations: cap or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, effective remedy against seasickness.

For swimming: your swimsuit and lycra are sufficient. The water oscillates between 25 and 29°C all the year. Fins-mask-snorkel kit for diving and speargun for amateurs.

For walks on land: walking shoes, mosquito repellent.

12V chargers for your devices (USB plugs or cigarette lighter plugs)

Adventurers: a headlamp for crayfish, mama or other night fishing, a waterproof spot for lobster fishing (night diving). Fishermen, bring your equipment.