3 nights in paradise

From 20 000 F/person/night

(168 euros)

Tahuata cruise

Duration: 3 nights/4 days

Departure and arrival at Hiva Oa (Atuona)

Itinerary: Hiva Oa - Tahuata - Hiva Oa

The strong points: short and easy sailings suitable for everyone, deserted bays and dream beaches just for you.


D1. Arrival on board in the morning. We weigh anchor and go to Tahuata island. 1h30 of navigation. We spend the day in a wild bay. You will have the white sand beach all to yourself. Clear waters invite snorkeling to see reef fish and stingrays. Amazing views on the sunset.

D2. We will anchor in front of the village of Vaitahu. To see: the magnificent church and the small archaeological museum where the objects found in the valley are exhibited. There are 3 snack bars with wifi and 2 shops where you can have your snack at lunchtime. We leave in the afternoon for Hanamoenoa, one of the most beautiful bays in Polynesia. Swimming, snorkeling, idleness... as you see fit! You might see wild goats coming down to drink seawater at the end of the day or manta rays swimming in the bay.

D3. Navigation back to Hiva Oa in the morning (about 3h). You have the afternoon free. Your choice: visit the village of Atuona, the Brel - Gauguin museum and the tombs of the two artists. Or hike to the petroglyphs at the bottom of the valley. There is also my secret spot: a natural wave pool and its blower.

D4. Departure for the airport.

Price of the stay

You are alone : 185 000 XPF (approx. 1 550 euros)

You are 2 : 210 000 XPF (approx. 1 760 euros)

You are 3 : 225 000 XPF (approx. 1 886 euros)

You are 4 : 240 000 XPF (approx. 2 011 euros)

The price includes the rental of the private boat with the owner crew, breakfast and a meal (very hearty).


Hapatoni village in Tahuata. Duration: 1 day. You hike between the village of Vaitahu and "the bay of friends" by the track. The boat joins you by sea. Visit the village of Hapatoni and meet the locals. The craftsmen there are renowned for their wood and bone carvings. You join the sailboat anchored in the bay of the dolphins. You will find out why it is called so. Costs to be expected : 1 additional night on the cruise. -5% discount on the additional night.

Artisanal fishing / sport fishing in Hiva Oa. Duration: 1 day. You embark on our aluminum 13 feet to go fishing around Hiva Oa / Tahuata. We introduce you to Polynesian fishing techniques. 1 person. Costs to be expected : refueling + ice + lunch + tip for the fishing guide + 1 additional night in accomodation at anchor.

Hiva Oa tour by car. Duration: 1 day. We take you on an excursion for a tour of Hiva Oa: stop at exceptional viewpoints, the archaeological site of Puamau where the largest tikis in Polynesia are found, visit the villages of Nahoe and Motuua, detour via Hanapaoa to see the traces of the legendary Makaianui pig and walk on the ridge to the crowned tiki, on the return short walk in the forest to the smiling tiki, visit the village of Hanaiapa then stop at the tombs of Brel and Gauguin in Atuona. Picnic and swimming. Costs to be expected : car rental (approximately 15,000 F with gas) + entry to Iipona site in Puamau (approx. 500 F/person) + picnic + tip for the guides + 1 additional night in accomodation at anchor.

Excursion to Taaoa. Duration: 1/2 day. We take you on a tour of Tohua Upeke, the largest archaeological site in Polynesia, followed by a short hike in the forest (1/2 hour one way) to the foot of a waterfall where you can take your Tahiti shower. Picnic and swimming in a natural swimming pool between sea and river. Costs to be expected : car rental + picnic+ tip for the guides + 1 additional night in accomodation at anchor.

*We can take you to the airport free of charge on the day of departure if you rent the car the day before.

Partner providers:

Horseback riding in Hiva Oa. Duration: 1 day or 1/2 day. Terms and prices to be seen on site with the service provider.

Seed jewelry making in Atuona. Duration: 1/2 day or 1 evening. At the end of this session, the Marquesan seeds will have no more secrets for you and you will leave with your jewel and possibly a book autographed by one of the authors of "Te fenua enata: une vie de liberté". Terms and prices to be seen on site with the service provider.

  • Michel On 17/02/2024

    Une aventure hors normes ! Merci Céline et Mu pour ce beau voyage. On reviendra :)

  • Claude et Martine Dumas mallet On 09/05/2023

    Une aventure humaine. La rencontre avec Céline et Mu fut l'un des meilleurs moments que nous avons passé ...

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