Your hosts: skipper and owner

Kaveka crew

We are the owners of Kaveka and your skippers. Together we have more than 60 years of sailing experience (cruses and races).

Céline Aubert: born in 1990. Sails since 1990. Some french local races and offshore races (Fastnet race).

Franck Parmentier: born in 1972. Competition skipper and sailing instructor from 1994 to 2014. He will share with you his enthusiasm for sailing.


We left France, unattached, to live our dream of adventure by boat around the world.

We are in Marquesas since 2016. We are always enjoyed to explore these fabulous lands.

We spent a year in the shipyard of Hiva Oa restoring Kaveka to welcome you on board. Céline worked with local people to support us. Her period of fisherman, woodcutter, teacher at secondary school... Sha attended a training to update her degrees for the transport of passengers to exercise in accordance with the laws of the country.


Our legal and declared activity is our only source of income.


We invite you to come to share a small part of our trip and follow us with a spirit of adventure to discover the Henua Enana (the "Men's land" as the Marquesian people call their islands).

If you are a musician, don't hesitate to bring your instruments! Céline plays the ukulele and learns the guitare.