Sport fishing in French Polynesia

Big game fishing trip in Marquesas

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from any inhabited continent, the Marquesas archipelago is the best fishing spot in the world. Fish reach record lenghts.

Sailing boat Kaveka welcomes you to the sport fishing paradise. Franck, keen on fishing since his chilhood, will accompany you to live stunning fishing experiences. Your captain Céline, also fishing master, will take you to the best spots.

Some species frequently encountered: all kinds of jacks, including the biggest representative of the genus Giant Trevally or GT, huge red snappers, dogtooth tunas, barracudas, milkfish. Pelagics: wahoo, yellowfin, mackerel tunas, sailfish, swordfish, dolphinfish or mahi mahi, blue marlins...

All kinds of sharks will spice up your fishing parties: grey sharks, blackfin sharks, hammerhead sharks, blue sharks, tiger sharks...

You bring your material. We go chasing monsters for a sport fishing trip in catch-and-release.

Our favorite: Eiao island, the Jurassic Park for fishermen!